Welcome to the Botox University!

graduate5-300x199[1]bo·tox /ˈbōˌtäks/

  1. Noun: A drug prepared from botulin, used cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles and medically to treat certain muscular conditions.
  2. Verb (slang): To remove facial wrinkles through the use of Botox Cosmetic, a prescription drug.  Example – My high school reunion is coming up, and I need to Botox my crow’s feet.
  3. Adverb: Usually used to describe someone’s facial features when too much Botox has been used.   Example – Oh my gawd, did you see her?  She had total Botox face.

In the last 10 years, Botox has become a major part of the American vernacular.  Like Google and Kleenex, Botox has extended beyond its own brand to encompass the definition “of” modern wrinkle reducing.

However you define it, Botox is most likely on your mind … because here you are, in the virtual halls of the most prestigious university in the nation – at least when it comes to Botox.

Perhaps you are considering getting Botox for the first time.  Or maybe you’re a Botox veteran but have never taken the time to fully learn all there is to know about this little injection that’s taking over the world.

No matter your reason for stumbling into class today, welcome to the Botox University E-textbook!

Our mission is simple – to educate you on everything there is to know about Botox.   From A to Z to wrinkle free,Botox University is the only step-by-step learning program that gives you the tools to go from an average person with a few pesky wrinkles to a walking, talking, bonafide Botox expert.  In fact, if it were legal in more than one state (we’re looking at you Arkansas), you could actually perform your own Botox injections in your garage after completing this course.

But seriously, what is Botox University all about?  It’s simple really. Botox University was created by a California plastic surgeon who has been studying and injecting Botox since it was FDA approved in 2002.  Dr. Roy Kim recognized that patients get a lot of misinformation when it comes to Botox.  It has been described as everything from poison to a miracle drug, and the media seems to be on a never-ending hunt for the latest celebrity with a “bad” Botox face.  The facts, as always, have gotten lost somewhere between the extremes.

Dr. Kim realized that people have more access to information on how to remove pesky stains from upholstery than to information about the most popular cosmetic procedure on the planet.  Plus, it seemed to him that if you were going to devote the time and money to undergo injections into your most important body part – your face – you might want to know more than what is typically covered during a 10-minute Botox consultation.

You are probably already looking for more information about Botox, so why not have some fun along the way?  With Botox University E-textbook, you’ll not only learn about the science behind Botox but we’ll cover all the fun stuff, too.  We are taking you, and your face, back to your college days.

You’ll start out as a nervous and lost Freshman trying not to gain those 15 pounds and work your way to ruling the campus during your Senior year.  Plus, along the way you’ll have some awesome summer breaks that you’ll always remember but will try hard to forget.

So grab your mini fridge and your futon, because we are moving to campus!